MindspillWithout a doubt, house music is my favorite genre of music. Hypnotic beats, soulful vocals, subliminal messages & drama, make house music the shit the world over.

Someone once asked me when I fell in love with house; no wait, no one ever asked me that. Anyway I fell in love with house in 1985 when I met one of my 2nd or 3rd cousins (we were all cousins back then) who was a true house head & 10 years older than me.

He would play his house mix tapes when I went to over his house to get my hair cut. He would always tell me about the clubs he went to that I wished I could to go to when I turned 21. His stories coupled with the live radio broadcasts on Friday & Saturday had me hooked on music that my peers did not understand. My friends were to caught up into the emergence of mainstream rap music videos & Air Jordans (I was too so don’t get me wrong).

I just wanted to dance my heart out to rapid repeating beats with people who liked Detroit & Chicago house like I did.

Many years later, I’m that house head that my cousin was. I get to go to the parties above & underground. I get to mingle with a class of beautiful people you do not see in the day light hours & I love it.

Finding good house music can be hard if you don’t know a few DJ’s or troll the internet constantly being on the prowl for good house. Fortunate for me, I know great DJ’s & have friends who keep me in the know. Plus I’m always on the internet looking for something hot to jack my body to.

This may seem weird but my favorite subgenre of house music happens to be gospel house. Yes, I know; I’m Atheist but will I praise the lord through a good beat & banging vocal.

And yes, I have caught the Holy Ghost on the dance floor. Speaking in tongues sipping on cocktails & dancing was quite fun. No, I’m just kidding.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have my DC road trip coming up next week so I had to get some new tunes to keep me motivated for my 8.5 hour drive. Last night after some blog reading on Soul Bounce & some song sampling on a few music sites, I copped a few new house hits. Actually all of them are not new, they are just must haves in any good house music library.

Here are my new jams & recommendations (watch your wallet!):

• A Taste of the Honeys – Essential (Mr. V’s Essential Mix)
• Anto Vitale ft. Tamara Wellons – Broken Wings (Original Mix)
• Headphonism – Stay Home and Chill
• Jeff Mills – Gamma Player (Blue Potential Version)
• Les Nubians & Eric Pierre – Just Come By (Viens prs De Moi (Greg Gauthier’s Dance Culture Remix))
• Malik Alston – Butterfly (Amp Dog Knight/Jovante Remix)
• Nina Simone, See Line Woman (CASAMENA Basement Remix)
• Peven Everett – Feelin Who You Are (Neter ”S” Het-Hera Blu Fix 7 Mix)
• Ski Oakenfull – Heavenly (Yam Who Mix)
• Terrence Parker – Love’s Got Me High (Tribute Mix)
• Tokyo Black Star – Blade Dancer (Dixon Edit)

These must have tracks can be found on either iTunes, eMusic, Traxsource, Rhapsody or from a bootlegger near you.