…:::I was tired when I wrote this, forgive me because it does go astray:::…

My Future:

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about what my future professional life will be like. Will I be a photographer fulltime? Will I be the human resources professional that I’m studying for?

I have also been thinking about how I think & where my interests lay. I’m a very serious right-brain thinker with a somewhat crippled left-brain (but not really).

With said, a career in photography will meet all of my right-brain needs but for the business piece, I will need to pull out my left-brain power. If I go with a career in human resources, I think it will be a good marriage of left & right-brain skills that could keep me satisfied at the end of the day.

Recently I started talking to HR workers to get advice, direction, clues etc. And today after attending the Greater Detroit Area Human Resources Conference hosted by the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources I have a few more clues & contacts that will help me in the not so distant future.

One day, I hope to have an idea of what I want to be when I grow up figured out. I now think that asking kids what they want to be when they grow up is a dumb question. Especially if you run into a kid like me because I never knew.

I guess what I can say is that at least I am successful thus far, no matter who schizophrenic my hustle is.
Pamper Me Bitch:

So today after the HR conference, I treated myself to a paraffin wax manicure at Fundamentals Spa in Ferndale, MI (one of the regions best Black-owned & operated spas).

The conference wrapped early so I have like 50 minutes to kill before my appointment. So I decided to stop at the Meagan Mitchell Salon to see my salon friends & to also check on my colorist Mary Vest Henderson, who just got back to work after being off for months following a broken wrist. (this is a perfect example of a run on sentence.)

My timing was actually perfect because Mary’s b-day was this week, so we had a little cake after singing happy birthday (I needed that snack). Then I winded up breaking out & doing an African dance. I tell you, things are always funny at Megan Mitchell’s.

Anyway, while we were chit chatting, Mary thanked me for referring some customers to her (this is when things got interesting). So after probing, I found out that the 2 new clients found Mary via my blog, some anonymous readers with locks.

I actually found this was exciting! I may be a fucked up writer who can’t proofread for shit but my points are made & my referrals are always on point (yes, they are).

Mary is my girl & I’m happy that she is satisfying color needs of my unknown readers. If I’m talking about you, show yourself dammit!

So back to my manicure: The manicure was the shit & my hands are back to their normal sexy man hands state, no more bitch length nails.

The staff at Fundamentals Spa really know how to treat a brother!

Side Note: Suite Suzy was like, you can get a manicure at one of the local Asian spots for cheap, but my thing is, I prefer to spend my money on quality products & services within my community. 15 extra bucks for something that makes me feel great & is really a reinvestment into my community is what I’m down with.
Real Friends:

So after my man pamper time, I headed to meet with my girl Zana. We have not kicked it in weeks so we had lots to catch up on. Spending time with Zana is always great because she knows when to cuss me out, is genuine & just a beautiful person.

Zana is one of a handful of real friends that I have outside of my home. And you know real friends are hard to come by!

After Zana & I caught up, Cousin Dee & I set up a mini Thursday jump off at a Chucks Millionaire’s Club (a very hood bar on Detroit’s west side). Normally, we prefer a nice lounge or more upscale bar but we deviated for shits & giggles.

Flashback: The last time I was at Chucks it was like 1995 or 1996 & back then, I thought “hairy navels” were the bomb (yes, I have enjoyed bitch drinks for a while). And that last time I was there, I winded up kicking it with a stripped who was like 20 years older than me.

We shared a bottle of Don P & danced. During our little time together, she told me that she was a lesbian. She was telling me that she hates “dancing” but it was all she knew. She also shared that she was a lesbian because men repulsed her. It was a very interesting ironic.

I have never understood why people feel open with sharing their personal business with me. I guess it did not matter because she paid for the bottle.

Back to today: When Cousin Dee & I walked into Chuck’s, we were both surprised to be frisked like we were thugs (only in a Detroit hood bar). I actually was really turned off & was like, do I look like a thug? I mean; for real!

After that drama was over, we caught up, talked some shit, enjoyed some of the best chicken wings in the city & good service. Honestly speaking, Chuck’s always had great bar maids who are on top of their game.

While we were talking, I told CD about me being reincarnated as a Pisces with the body of an Alvin Ailey Dancer & said that I needed my hair & dick to remain the same as they are now. She then threw me off by asking if I would be circumcised in my next life & of course the answer was no!

I then cussed her out for asking me that, then she cussed me right back out for being the fool with a reincarnation requirements check list. Too funny. And yes, the coming back as a Pisces is total fun bullshit.

Cousin Dee & I always have a great time & it was a nice mini cousin date jump off.
On The Road:

I will be in DC next week for the Cherry Blossom Festival & I’m really excited about it. I will be a quick road trip, arriving in town Thursday & leaving Sunday.

I have a few must do festival activities, like the photographers boat tour & a few photo walks/bike rides that will have me on the go. Then I found out today that there will my BFF will be hosting a BBQ & possible cocktail party (that I suggested). If the cocktail party jumps off, best believe I will be serving ginger lime martinis!

Hopefully there will be no hoe baths on this trip!

It’s kicking my ass & I have a month left in the semester. Nuff said!