When I saw this last week I got moist & maintained a boner until I got off of work. I have a few more images up for review, just waiting on getting back model releases.

Go me!

While I’m excited about there is a big mixed reaction to the Flickr Collection from both professional photographers who see this collection as a bastardization of stock photography & from semi-profession photographers who see this opportunity as a way to get over on those who have dreams to break into the stock photography game.

I say fuck the critics & sale my shit. Maybe I’m missing something but this is such a good way to have your work seen by literally millions across the world. I know if I ever see one of my pieces used in a campaign, I would freak the fuck out.
In other Getty Images Flickr collection news; In terms of race & ethnicity, the Flickr Collection is lacking diversity. Looks like minorities make up 25% of the collection. Is this really a shock? What can be done to have a better representation of minorities (non-ambiguous) in stock collections globally?


Tafari on Getty Images Flickr collection.