I decided to stop for breakfast at a local diner today before work because I was feenin’ for something hot, cheesy & greasy. So I walk in and place my order with the waitress who kept staring at my hair as I told her what I wanted.

When she finally came back with my food, she said (as she stared at my hair), “them some sharp dreads; how long have you had them?” My 1st reaction internally was, a) they are not “dreads” but I said “thanks and they’re about 5 years old.” She then smiled handed me my food & told me to enjoy.

Most times depending on what kind of mood I’m in, I will go into a little non-confrontational rant when people call my hair “dreads” & I wanted to today but I decided that eating & getting to work on time was more important.

Writing this quick list of things not to ask or say to someone with locks is a good alternative to me trying to educate someone on the spot. Maybe I should get the list printed on a t-shirt (please don’t steal this idea, I may turn it into a hustle this summer).

Tafari’s guide to things not to ask or say to someone with locks.

  • How long are you going to let them get?
    • Why do you need to know
  • How often or how do you wash your hair?
  • Your hair looks so neat and clean.
    • This is not a compliment!
    • What did you expect?
  • I love your “dreads”.
    • Do not assume that one with locks is a Rastafarian.
    • Only Rastafarians have Dreadlocks.
    • Historically speaking, Dread Locks is a demeaning term.
    • Locks is a more appropriate term (if you’re talking to me).
  • What does your family think about your hair?
    • I’m not sure, I don’t like my family.
  • Can I touch them?
    • No you cannot! I don’t know when you last dug up your nose, ass, etc.
  • Are you a Christian?
    • What difference does it make.
    • Even E40 knows that Jesus has “dreads”.
  • Is that all your hair?
  • I like your Bohemian style or You have a Bohemian look.
    • This is not a fucking compliment & if someone with locks had on a suit would you still say that had a Bohemian look? This is like saying something looks exotic when you know damn well it looks fucked up.
  • Are you making a political statement?
    • Yes, I hate nosey as people getting up into my personal business.
  • Do you have any weed?
    • Possibly, but I do not supply my shit on the streets; fool!

I’m not some Brotherlocks/lock purist but this does get on my nerves.

I’m just saying!