MindspillLast summer I mentioned that I was going to take some time off of projects & non-vital responsibilities in order clean my garage & complete the application process becoming a stock photographer for Getty Images.

Well I took the time off & got my garage cleaned, but I never got around to completing the Getty Images application. Truth be told, I was intimidated by the process & that helped me build a case to procrastinate & almost just say forget about it.

As months went on, I never forgot about it; in fact I was like, I’m gonna compete it when I’m on spring break. Shit all I needed to do was submit 10 images on disc to their approval team, meta tag, get a few model releases, then sit back & wait nervously for the results.

Funny thing is that spring break is in 2 weeks but I decided not to complete the application process. Why? Well I don’t have to. It’s not because I’m lazy, still nervous, or a stupid bitch; It’s because Getty Images actually contacted me after seeing my work on Flickr & this is totally separate from what I initiated with them almost 7 months ago.

Yesterday, I got a message from Getty Images that read a little something like this:

“Hi Tafari,

Flickr has partnered with the fabulous Getty Images to offer an invitation-only service for Flickr members to license their photos for commercial use.

The Getty Images team has noticed your work on Flickr, and is pleased to offer you an invitation to enroll with them. They have selected 6 of your photos for possible inclusion in the program…”

Can you say OMFG?!?!?! I was so fucked up by the message that it took me 45 minutes to get my head right to focus on my 9-5.

The photos they chose were really random but they are good ones:

  • The Giver (IMO, this image is destined for greatness & one of my personal favorites from 2008!)
  • Pom III (I would love to have this pomagranate right about now!)
  • Childs Play (I think this image from Olivia is so fun. It is very popular still on Flickr.)
  • My 2008 Birthday (Not sure if this is good enough personally but they like it.)
  • Progression I (I remeber how these damn leaves kept blowing araound & how I had to chase them. I finally got the shot I wanted.)
  • Monica Blair (not sure if I will be able to get a model release from Monica seeing that she is blowing up & all, but I will try.)

Getting this message yesterday really put another cherry on top of an already good week!

Last night Suite Suzy & I saw an Alvin Ailey dance performance (In box seats of course) and chilled with the cast at an after glow sponsored by the Detroit Opera House. Then we spontaneously parlayed the after glow into a double date with friends & had a wonderful meal at Angelina’s Italian Bistro.

I know I bitched about Facebook earlier this week, but had it not been for Facebook, I would not have gotten a hook up on my Alvin Ailey tix. Go figure!

In other good news, I will be presenting 20 of my images next Thursday for Pecha Kucha Night at the Hard Rock Café in Detroit.

What you say, you don’t know what Pecha Kucha Night is? Is you for real nigga?

Well Pecha Kucha Night was “…devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.

But as we all know, give a mike to a designer (especially an architect) and you’ll be trapped for hours. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding this fate. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor….”

This will be the 3rd Pecha Kucha Night in Detroit & I’m really excited about the opportunity. If you are in or near the city, you should come by. Entry is only 5 bucks (I know it’s a recession but I know you have a spare 5 bucks for entertainment!)

I’m Tafari & I’m worthy!