I’m now kinda addicted to Facebook but there are a few things about it that I do not like. For one, I’m really not into hooking up with long lost “friends” who I hardly knew then. Some of the people who request me as a friend I hardly know & most importantly, I’m sick of the 25 random things post that everyone is doing on Facebook now.
I’m refusing to do the 25 things meme because I do not want to share with people that have some type of connection with me.  Ironically, I have no problem expressing & exposing myself on my blog.  Maybe because it’s kinda anonymous, maybe because I feel like what I share here is not going to spread all over Detroit. I don’t know.
With all this said, here are 6 random bits about me.

– Reusing chicken & fish grease should be a thing of the past. If you are reading this & have some old grease sitting in Maxwell House can or a Fry Daddy, dump that shit out & do it in the name of Obama.

– I like to photography what conversations cannot explain.

– My car is dark gray in color but appears brown now because it is covered in dirt, salt & mud.

– My nails are a bitch length again, time for another manicure, but it’s a recession so I’m cutting these bitches myself.

– When I was 15, I had a boil between my balls & asshole & thought I had a disease. I called my aunt in despair & she told me to squeeze it. I did & a bunch of nasty shit skeeted out & it oozed for like 10 minutes. I felt better the next day. I never told my mom. The area is currently feeling a little nasty just thinking about.

– Yesterday, Suite Suzy & I had lunch & I shared with her, the dream that I had the night before.  She was turned off by the thought of my having a dream about corned beef colored socks. I’m still tripping about it. I tried Googling corned beef colored socks & came up with nothing that made since. Kinda like my dream & this post.