MindspillOne of my bestest favoritest things in the world is music, good music! I’m always on the prowl for something new & last week I found about Tamara Wellons, my latest musical addiction from someone that I follow on Twitter

The Twitter poster suggested that “Tamara Wellons was his new Jill Scott.” Since I would drink Jill Scott’s bath water I had to see how awesome this Tamara Wellons really was.

Upon 1st listening, I was like there just is no comparing anyone to my boo from afar (Jilly from Philly) but that is not to say that Tamara is not on her A game. In fact I was blown away after listening to a few of the samples on Emusic.

So last Thursday I decided to download:

Like Rain (Movement Soul Mix)
 “Smells Like Teen Sprit
 “Oh Well (BahSonik Remix)
Caught Up (Yourba Soul Mix)
Time’s Ticking

These 6 cuts alone have totally fucked up my last few days because I cannot bring myself to listen to anything else. Actually, I just checked my play count in iTunes & I’m ashamed to say how many times I listened to “Caught Up (Yourba Soul Mix)”. This song is so super sexy, so smooth, just so, so….

Tamara’s range is quite amazing, I mean anyone who can take Nivana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (one of my all time favorites by the way) & literally jazz it with sex appeal is one bad mutha!

The upbeat make your fingers snap & head bopping flow of “Insane” is also preventing me from wanting to listen to other music in my library. With this all said, I’m loving me some Tamara Wellons.

Are you up on Tamara yet? If not, you now have no reason not to be. Maybe if urban radio got its shit together we could enjoy artists like Tamara without having to be at the right place at the right time on the right website.