MindspillI know that it has been almost 2 weeks since I departed for DC to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama & I’m way over due for an update, but a nigga has been on the grind. I know I keep using that as an excuse but it is the truth. I promise to better at some point.

I’m sure by now that I cannot share anything about my experience new because you heard something similar from others so I will share some high points of the trip with you.

– On the way to DC, I got a call from my BFF’s wife letting me know that she got an inauguration ticket for me. Actually the ticket was given to my by my BFF because there were only three & he sacrificed for me. I mentioned this a few posts below but I am still blown away by his act of generosity.

– While in DC, I ate very well. You know that I am fat as hell & love to eat! Of all the food that I ate, I am still dreaming of the pesto chicken pizza that I ate at Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro. That pizza was so damn good, I came on myself a little bit.

– Lola from the “Whatever Lola Wants” blog. We met at Teaism, a wonderful little spot that I wish was near me but that is beside the point.

Like other bloggers that I have met out & about, Lola is cool & is just as animated in real life as she is on her blog. She, like others I have met offline is someone that I would kick it with in real life. It’s so funny to meet online friends (those of us who blog) and you already know them or at least it seems like it. It’s almost like it’s a friend that you have not seen in a while but talk all the time.

Anyway, I now know that the next time I hook up with Lola, we will have to do it in a place where we can talk shit & laugh loudly where people will not be like what the fuck is up with them. I think BFB & the Good Dr. Long were like, you guys are like way too loud.

– I really enjoyed the Blackness of DC. Yeah I know I grew up in another Chocolate City but Detroit & DC are two very different beast. From what I saw, the Negroes in DC seem to be more socially progressive, about their business & they seem to know how to act in a club. While I have an aversion to actually living anywhere along the east coast, DC is some place that I will visit often. As a matter of fact, I will be venturing back in the spring with Olivia for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It’s a little father/daughter photographic getaway trip.

– The actual time I spent on the national mall before & during the inauguration is something so big & I cannot compare it to anything else in my life that I have experienced. It was not as big as seeing my kids born but shit, it was up there. Literally being one in a crowd of almost two million is something that I still trip out on when I think about it. The other day I saw a satellite photo taken during the inauguration & a chill went down my spine. I saw myself as an ant participating in one of the biggest events of my life/the history of America/Black history.

Wow, just fucking wow!

– My one & only regret from my trip to DC last week was not buying that Michelle Obama body oil for Suite Suzy when I was on U Street! I should have also taken a picture of it. It was in a small vile & it was brite flourescent pink & basically almost glowing. The guys selling it, were also selling Barack Obama aprons & spatulas. Hmmmm!

– Not sure if I mentioned this previously but I did drive to DC with a friend. We were going to go & come back together but that plan changed & I had to drive back home alone. At 1st I was nervous about that because like most men, I get lost & I really need a navigator.

– I’m not going to discuss why I had to take a hoe bath the day of the inauguration & why I had on the same clothes & underwear for over 29 hours. It was & I was a hot mess.

Well I had to get over my anxiety & get my mind right for the trip home. I winded up really embracing the idea. It seized the 8.5 hour drive home to reflect on my experience & the significance of it all. I used the time to talk to myself & work a few things out in my head. And I used the time to take a few deep breaths & just enjoy myself. I found that I alone am a good road partner. I now think that there is nothing like a good road trip to help you get your mind right.

Lastly & most importantly, here is a link to a few photos that I captured on my trip. I hope that you do enjoy them.