I have to admit that I was fucked up when I heard the story of the family having octuplets this week. I guess I’m happy for them but 8 fucking babies?!?! The thought still fucks me up. I was ironing my clothes getting ready for work when the story broke & all I remember saying was “shit” at the top of my lungs.

In reality, my reality, 8 babies just ain’t right. I’m a loving parent of 3 children & that is all that I can handle. When they have friends come over, I dread it because it means another little mother fucker running around the house (especially when their super obese friend comes over).

For the life of me, I cannot imagine 8 goddam kids running around my house & they live there! Actually, the family with the new octuplets will have 14 mother fuckers running around. They already have six damn kids!!!

My thing is; if humans were meant to have large groups of children at once, women would have more that 2 goddam tits.

One a final note, I hope home girl had a c-section because I’m thinking that her pussy was already blew out. Not only that, as a man, I am not sure that I could dip up into something that 14 people then traveled through.

I’m just saying.