And guess what, I was planning on being at the inauguration as one of the millions of people celebrating the momentous events celebrating Obama but today, I found out that I would be more than one of millions, I will be one of thousands, lucky enough to have a ticket to the swearing in. (I know that this is one long run on sentence but how better to say it.)

I found out during my 9 hour road trip that a ticket was waiting with my name on it. My BFF’s boo “The Good Dr. Long” had got tix & had one for me after my BFF gave me his because he knew that I would be willing to kill for it. The trip has now taken on more significance!!!

Anyway, I left the house today at 5am, got to my BFF’s house at 2 something after dropping off my friend who road with me.

All in all, it was a great road trip, that was very smooth. My friends in DC were all amazed that I got in town so fast.

So right now, it’s 730, I’m filled with good food, tired ass hell & looking forward to the rest of my trip. Gotta get some sleep.

BTW, I’m hoping to meet with other DC bloggers. Gotta get my schedule together but still, hit me up.

Sorry that this post is kinda scant but my mind is not 100%, actually, I feel like I’m at 42.7%.