This is from an article on me & my journey through the election & ¬†inauguration. Tina Reed will be contacting me Tuesday as I’m at the inauguration to get a feel of the environment & I’m looking forward to her call.

I still cannot believe that I have a ticket. My BFF’s sacrifice was large & I appreciate him giving up his ticket for me.
Behind the Lens for milestone
The Ann Arbor News

“When Barack Obama began visiting Michigan on the presidential campaign trail last year, Ann Arbor resident Tafari Stevenson-Howard, 34, started a journey of his own.

Turning to his love of photography, the business student at Eastern Michigan University and employee of the University of Michigan wanted to chronicle history. He began by taking pictures of Obama’s visit to Troy High School.

On election night, he was snapping photos at Obama’s Ypsilanti headquarters where volunteers had gathered to wait for results, then he headed home to celebrate with his family.

On Tuesday, he continues the journey by photographing in Washington during the inauguration.

“I want to go down there and take in the whole Obama-fication down there,” Stevenson-Howard said. “Everyone’s just caught up in his aura, his passion, so you become an Obama-ite or an Obama-fide. An Obama-convert.”

He plans to blog and Twitter from the event as well as take photos. But mostly he’s traveling to capture the final piece of the story he started documenting last fall.”