My post title is inspired by N’Damdi’s song “Insecurity” from Her “A Weird Kinda Wonderful” album 2005.

“Do you know who you are?
Can you see what they see?
Didn’t you know it’s insecurity?

So beam inside with pride.
Turn it on your outside.
Let the world now.” Mindspill

I think like most brown skinned girls, my baby sister Sade has self esteem issues because she is not like other girls. She has lovely brown skin, a big beautiful nose, gorgeous nappy hair & a winning personality (when she is not tripping).

No matter what, Suite Suzy & I tell her, Sade’s Black girl issues seem to persist, with somethings being more obvious that others.

Although I am raising three beautiful Black girls, I feel like I really have to work on Sade’s self esteem. We keep her hair professionally done (of course), Suite Suzy always makes sure the kids are freshly dipped & they are all involved in extra curricular activities.

One thing I find particularly interesting about Sade’s Black girl issues is that she is dying to have her hair pressed. Apparently, she is one of few Black girls in her school with natural hair. She knows that having a hot press or perm is not going to happen as long as she is under my roof.

Sometimes I wonder if either Suite Suzy or I were a darker hue of brown, would Sade have a different outlook on her image. I guess, I will never know.

To all my blog reading boos, did you have Black girl issues growing up, do you have them now, how do you navigate? What advice can you give that I/we may need to consider?

By the way, check out Sade’s latest photoshoot, with noted Negro photographer Tafari K. Stevenson-Howard