Today I had a pretty interesting & intense day. First of all, I woke up late for work, had nothing to eat good for breakfast & a friend of mine gave me some pretty shocking news. The news was shocking, even my girl Alexyss K. Tylor could not comprehend. I wish I could discuss it but even I can keep some things on the lo-lo.

So after all of this jump-started my day, I had to reserve some energy & professional vibes for an interview that I had this AM with photographer Rosh Sillars for his blog & podcast “New Media Photographer”.

During the interview/conversation, we discussed my photography & my hopes for the future. We also discussed TWITTER and its evils & my favorite site, Flickr. It was a great discussion.

The talk seemed short but when it was all said & done it lasted for 17 minutes (WOW). The podcast will be online next Monday & of course I will keep you posted.

I have no idea how I sounded & I hope I keep it real.

Rosh is really a cool guy & his work is great. We meet at a holiday party last month sponsored by the Michigan chapter of American Society of Media Photographers. I love networking!!!

So after Rosh & I were done, I ran to Quizno’s for a couple of Italian Sammies to eat before I taught my class.

So had class, it went well but my cell phone kept jumping off during. So after class, I check my messages & I had one from Tina Reed of the Ann Arbor News who as calling me to discuss my trip to DC for the inauguration. Thx to my boo’s BFF Ramona Jones.

We had quite a long conversation about what the election meant to me, what I was going to be doing in DC, my accommodations & everything in between.

We are supposed to have a follow up discussion next week & they will also be contacting me the day of the inauguration to get updates on what’s going on. It should be pretty interesting.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Speaking of DC, I’m leaving next weekend & cannot wait! I had planned on driving with a friend but those plans feel through & I am hitting the road solo. Should be peaceful & I will make a kick ass playlist to make the 8.5 hr drive fly by.

I’m staying with my BFF BFB & his wifey. We have been on the lookout for Negro budget friendly events (under 40 bucks) & have been batting zero. That all changed about 1 hour ago thanks to one of my Twitter friends who posted budget friendly inauguration events on the “Soul Bounce” blog.

There are like three events that I must do on the Soul Bounce list.

I am also planning on attending a pre-inaugural reception hosted by my congressional district’s house member John Dingell on MLK day. I got the invite yesterday & have to admit I was excited. The funny thing is, I did not vote for Dingell because he voted on things that pissed me off last year but I am a sucker for a free party. And for the occasion, I’m putting partisanship aside.

On a final DC note, I’m also excited to see BFB, we talk all the time but have not seen each other since he moved to VA in early fall last year. Looking forward to having cocktails with my BFF as we talk shit & argue the way that we have for the last 24 years (I feel old saying that, but we have been friends since we were 10).

So tomorrow, I will be getting ready for my trip to DC by seeing my hair colorist for a touch up, can’t leave town without a fresh dip boo, & I am doing something about these bitch length nails (my cuticles are out of control too).

Anyway, I need to get back to this bottle of dark liquor; I’m in decompression mode like a mutha!

If you are in DC or will be in DC we should hook up, hit me up!