MindspillMarch of this year will mark 7 years since we got custody of my little sister Sade. I’m only recounting this because some shit just jumped off.

Two weeks ago, we got a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that we had to refund all tax credits we received related to Sade because we claimed her fraudulently.

The 1st thing we thought was oh hell no; no this bitch ain’t claim Sade on her taxes AGAIN. 

The she is her momma. The same momma that has made no attempt to call Sade in I think a little over 3 years.

So we (really meaning Suite Suzy) called the IRS to find out what we needed to do to resolve this. Basically we had to assemble a bunch of documents proving that we had custody of Sade in 2007, shit like notes from the school, custody paper work etc.

To get everything we needed, I had to pour through a bunch of old documents that I had buried in my trunk. This morning I found the custody paperwork & a whole bunch of correspondence from my lawyer at that time (Albert D. Lipscomb of Bessemer, AL, he was great!).

When I got home I decided to actually read some of the letters from my lawyer & other court documents. As I read the 7-8 year old documents, I started having flashbacks of drama that Suite Suzy & I went through as I was dealing with the custody issue & my father’s estate settlement simultaneously.

I read documents that detailed how Sade’s mother abandoned other children, the home study that was conducted on me & things from that backwards as social worker Christina Lawrence that I had to deal with in Alabama.

Once all of the letters were put back into their respective envelops, I let out a big sigh & was like damn, that was a very difficult period in my life. I know if it were not for Suite Suzy, I might not even be alive right now. Honestly speaking, I really have no memory of many things that occurred in that period of my life & have to depend on Suite Suzy for details.

I tell you, my fathers death really fucked my life up in so many ways, so many mutha fuckin’ ways. But that is the past & I, with the help of my boo, have made a delicious pitcher of lemonade with the bag of half rotten lemons that life gave me.

When Suite Suzy got home this evening, I shared my thoughts on the paperwork that I read & stated that life was rough then & she co-signed. She also told me that she just deleted a bunch of emails from back then of arguments that we had about this & that (I would love to give details but I cannot tell all my damn business + I don’t even remember half of it).

The funny thing about me having Sade is that a few months before my dad kicked the bucket, we were on the phone & he was drunk. During this conversation, he was like, if anything happens to me, I want you to take care of your sister. Talk about drunken premonitions.

Anyway, I’m happy that I have Sade in my life & documents are in the mail to the IRS. My dad’s baby momma will be fucked.

Lastly, it is so funny how Sade’s momma can surface when it is time to file taxes but when I was suing that bitch for child support she as nowhere to be found for 4 years. I don’t understand how people getaway with living under the radar like that.