Dear diary blog,

It’s been a minute & I have had things on my mind have neglected ypu a bit. Im sorry but Twitter & Facebook have me caught up on some other shit. I promise that I will pay more attention to you before & after I get back from DC. In the meantime, I’m sorry for dumping on you like this but I love you boo! OK!?!?!

I likes me some learnin’:
– School started this week & unlike so many semesters before, I’m actually excited to be in classes. My management class seems like it’s going to be pretty cool & the instructor started things off on an energetic & positive note. My marketing instructor really has a great sense of humor & I’m feeling like this class is going to be hard work yet fun. I cannot believe I am saying a class is going to be fun. Maybe now that I’m a business school student, I have a new outlook, I guess.

– Movies
I went to see “Doubt” last week & was so disappointed. This makes a string of like 4 movies that I’ve seen since November that were a waste of my time & money. I think I will stay away from the big screen for a while, I need to get my confidence back up.

– JazzMusic/HipHopMusic/HouseMusic/GhettoMusic
I have been digging some cool tunes lately. I discovered Esperanza Spalding via the “Songs in the key of Life” blog (worth bookmarking!!!). Esperanza’s jazzy music has the feel of way back when with fresh vocals & popping instrumentation. Her album “Esperanza” is a must have in my book.

I have also been rocking non-stop Panacea’s latest album “A Mind on a Ship Through Time”. OMG, this joint is super hot!!!. “A Mind on a Ship Through Time” is a little better than their last album “The Scenic Route” , which is a classic!!! Panacea is helping to reclaim hip-hop from crap rappers!

If you are a house music fan, you have to check out the “SoulShine 2005 Sampler” by Kenny Bobien. I rediscovered it days ago & love it. It’s only $3.96 on iTunes & so worth it. Its four singles are mellow yet energetic, which means great driving & workout music for me. Pick it up boo!!!!

I know I introduced many of you to T-Baby; the artist who did the song/Youtube hit, “It’s so Cold in the D”. Well, it seems like everybody & their momma in Detroit has scene this video & even heard it on the radio. T-Baby has done radio interviews & everything. When you ask people what’s going on, you are sure to hear them say “it’s so cold in the D”. The shit is really hilarious.

Anyway, I was thinking about the song today after getting an email that referenced it & I decided to see if it was on iTunes. So I type it in & what the fuck, it comes up available for download. I fucking could not believe it. Why come I downloaded it??? Like a fool I listened to it twice before I left for class.

Lastly on a music note, I was looking for hot mess on Youtube & I found it in no time. Why did someone make a song named “Smell Yo Dick”. I would have loved to post the video here but the artist; Riskay (I know, ghetto right!) is not allowing people to post outside of Youtube. You have to see this shit:

“Why you coming home 5 in the morn
Somethings going on, can I smell yo dick
Don’t play me like a fool, cause that ain’t cool
So what you need to do is lemme smell yo dick”

– The Congressional Black Caucus is out of their minds! I don’t support their support of Burris. They are obviously not looking at the big picture.

I have wondered this before & now I am re-questioning if we really need to have a Congressional Black Caucus. The whole racial element of Burris’ faux appointment is really pissing me off! Those who choose to racialize (is this a word) the issue is a) ignorant b) should not be in office themselves.

I have nothing against Burris at all but I think he should do the honorable thing

– In other Negro political news, Kwame Kilpatrick’s former boo, Christine Beatty is official on cell block 4 in the Wayne county jail. Home girl is looking at four months behind bars. The judge asked he if she had anything to say before they turned the key on her & she said about Kwame:

“The way the brotha walks is beautiful.
The way he talks is beautiful.
The way he abuses me is beautiful.
Hey the brotha is beautiful!
The way he makes love to me is beautiful.
Hey that’s my man.”

I made that up but still. Anyway, when I watched them take her from the courtroom, the only thing I truly wondered was if Beatty will get her hair braided by Cookie n’ nem while she’s locked up.

– Hamas is getting their ass kicked in Gaza. I honestly di dnot expect it to go down like that. Isreal has really dealt one hell of a good bitch slap. Who’s right, Who’s Wrong (what have you done for me lately)???

I’m An Artist Bitch:
– I picked up my 10 unsold art pieces from the Detroit Artist Market last night. I would be lying if I said I did not want to cry like a bitch. How could no one not buy my beautiful pieces???

As I drove away from the DAM, I was thinking that maybe the marketing of my art is something I should just say fuck it on. I went through self-doubt, pisstivity & back again. Before I hit the road to go home, I stopped at the Centaur to drown my sorrows. It’s amazing how a few pomegranate martinis can make you feel like you are on top of the world.

I have decided that after I get the results of the 2 art fairs that I applied for, I am not paying to enter anything else. I will take the route with the least amount of stress & put the extra energy into my school work.

On the way to work, I decided that mentally I’m a starving artist. Woe is me

– On another note, I will be interviewed this week on a photography podcast that deals with new media & how it’s impacting how to network for jobs via blogs, facebook, twitter etc. Looking forward to it. Will keep you posted

– I sold my old MacBook Pro finally on eBay Monday for 850. Shipped that bitch off today. One less thing to worry about now.

– My new MacBook Pro really makes me happy.

– I hate my broken ass iPhone & refuse to get another!

Only in the Hood:
– How many Sean Bell’s will we see in the future??? Another man done gone by the hands of the Po-Po. Did you here about (I know you did but…) 22-year-old Oscar Grant who was shot & killed by the police (yes all of them) while laying with his face to the ground.

This case is enough to make somebody go fucking nuts. The video is too much to watch, but here is a link.

The officer did resign his position today, which is a smart move. And the family is suing for 25 million, which will change nothing but it is the principal & a message needs to be sent.

Another sad twist on this story is that Oakland residents held a protest rally tonight & it turned violent, almost riot like.

I for the life of me cannot understand why we riot & fuck up our own neighborhoods & businesses!!!

– On a lighter note; Academy of Americas, a Detroit elementary school is begging for donations of toilet paper and light bulbs to keep that bitch running.

First of all the Detroit Public School System is 400 million in the red.

A spokeswoman for DPS stated that the school ain’t running short of supplies, they are just seeking to supplement what they have to not run out. Ummm bitch please, that’s just janky. This is reason #312 why I could never move back to Detroit.

Out of Nowhere
– TD Jakes looks like a Black Porky Pig.

– I need to cut my fingernails, they are almost at bitch nigga length & I need to handle that.

– I would love to have a strawberry milkshake right now.

– AT&T DSL is finally available in my area. Comcast; two words for you; Bye bye!!

– Can’t wait to get my hair color touched up this coming Saturday.

-My computer mouse is half dead & I need a new one. Why can’t shit last for more than 2 years?