MindspillToday, I gave Will Smith one final opportunity to keep me as a fan by seeing “Seven Pounds”.  I was somewhat looking forward to this release but was reserved a bit because “Hancock” was basically a piece of shit.

Well, “Seven Pounds” is as also a piece of shit but not as big of a piece of shit as “Hancock”, but it was still shit all the same.

I feel like I wasted my free movie pass on something that could have been released on the “Lifetime” channel or the “O” network.

The flick was rather dark for Will, which is a decent departure & the premise of the plot was interesting, but that was all that I appreciated about the movie.  I found the movie in whole to be somewhat moving, very boring, & predictable.

Maybe if I were a woman, I would have liked more or maybe cried like some of women  that were in the theater.

After the movie credits started to roll, I stormed out of the theater so that I could hurry up & bid on an ending auction on eBay for a textbook (I won the book & saved 100 bucks, the school bookstore is a fucking rip off). 

Winning the textbook gave me a way better feeling than the 2 hours that I wasted sitting on my ass yawning while posting Facebook & Twitter updates as the movie played!

By the way, my favorite character in Seven Pounds was the box jellyfish.

Did you see it? Am I tripping? Talk to me!!!