I know that I have been off my posting game lately & that’s because the end of the semester had me pimped out!  I have 2 weeks before it all begins again & I’m expecting a more intense semester because I’m scheduled to take two classes (Organizational Behavior & Theory & Principles of Marketing).

Although the semester ended like a bitch, my last week of school was great because:

  • I got a B+ in the Managerial Accounting class
  • Officially only have 12 classes before the BA with a concentration in HR is mine
  • Suite Suzy took me to see “Wicked”, which is the fucking shit!!!!!!!!!

Over the next 2 weeks, I will be in NYC for a few days on a family vacay, planning Suite Suzy a Sunday birthday brunch & getting my mind right for classes that begin 01/05/09.

On another note, I’m also dealing with xxxxxxx’s foreclosure & the financial doom that xxxxxxx put upon themselves. xxxxxxx’s self-imposed drama is tripping & stressing my sister & I out.  I love xxxxxxx to death but had to let him/her know that I have my own situation to maintain, kids to feed etc.  I feel bad about harsh words that had to be said, but it is what it is.

I just hope xxxxxxx gets his/her mind right & gets a job so that he/she can handle their business.

On another, nother note, I upgraded my MacBook Pro to the new sexier, sleeker version released recently. I cannot wait until my new baby arrives & hope that it does before we leave for NYC Wednesday.

I put my old one up on eBay & the auction ends tomorrow. I set a reserve price of 800 & a buy it now for 900 w/free sipping. I hope this bitch moves! I have 10 watchers, 6 questions & 145 hits so far. Fingers are crossed.

On another nother nother note, I am so fucking happy that they found Caylee Anthony!  But I’m mad that my theory was proven incorrect.  I believed that her mother was really innocent because the baby was kidnapped from Zanida Gonzales by Natalee Holloway. Oh well.

I tell you, I had a ball watching Nancy Gracy Friday night. She was almost comical with all of her emotions while recounting the Caylee’s case thus far.

And finally, I’m so wondering why white women claim that black/other people of color people abduct/kill/rape knowing damn well it’s a lie.