MindspillFriday night, I was vending at the Holiday Baar Bazaar when I ran into Heather Fagan of Bettula, one of my crafty art friends. I met Heather at last year’s Holiday Baar Bazaar & we have been cool ever since.

Anyway, Heather makes very unique & very hot jewelry made from birch bark, which you cannot help but to love.

So last night we were talking about the recession etc when I spotted a birch cuff on her table that spoke to me. I told Heather how much I loved it. I put it on immediately & it was too much like right. It looked so good on me & she was feeling it also.

Before I knew it, she said take it as a gift.

I was like what???

I am not surprised that she offered it to me as a gift because she has a very giving personality & generous spirit. I just was like wow, for real, me, no ,yes, no, ok yes???

What a gift, a beautiful gift, a gift that was in time to put a positive spin on a week that had so many low points.

I teased & said that when I wear the cuff, I will turn into Wonder Man & fight off evil and repel bullets. We both laughed.

Later that evening, Claireta, another crafty art friend mind stopped by my table to kick it & to get a few bars of soap. After a rather funny conversation, I bagged up her soap & handed it to her. When she handed me her cash for the soap, I told her that her money was no good tonight & to enjoy the gift.

She thanked me with a giant warm hug.

I paid it forward!

For the rest of the night I wore my Wonder Man cuff, which attracted a lot of attention, which I directed to Heather. It was so cool having people dig it & my sexy wearing it.

After the night was over & I had a pocket full of Quench cash, I walked over to Heather, with my Wonder Man cuff. I thanked her again then handed her a 16oz body mousse & bar of soap. She was like, you do not have to & I was like yes I do, because I want you to be moist boo.

On another note, I found an original Orko (from He Man) figure at the Holiday Bar Bazaar from this cat that had had a bunch of cool 80’s toys. Orko was always my boy!

On another, another note, I tried “molecular gastronomy” at a party tonight. Very tasty & interesting cuisine option.

On another, another, another note, I went to see “The Day The World Stood Still“on iMax the other night. It was good, action was great but it was not a world rocker & certainly not worth the energy of me doing a full post on it. in short; Jaden Smith got on my last nerves, Keanu Reeves was just OK, Gort was the SHIT & favorite character in the movie.