Feeling lost in a bunch of personal decisions that are on my mind that are making it hard to cope. My life is good but not where I want it to be.

The things that make me strong are also the things that make me weak. Can I let it go or do I wade through the muddy waters of despair, disappointment & disenchantment.

This weird sense of loneliness is not helping.

In a meeting today, I had a day dream of being in forest alone with nothing but my thoughts & a way to make the loneliness go away. The leaves on the ground were a beautiful fall yellow but by the time the dream was over, the leaves that surrounded me were red, burgundy and weighted down by what once was.

This was a very dangerous day dream that brought a tear to my minds eye & I was happy to emerge from it to finish the broccoli quiche that was before me.

There are many things that I treasure, but I yet know the value.

I miss me, I wish for me, what is wrong with me.