1st of all, it’s so cold in the D!!!!!!

– I was officially admitted to the Business School @ Eastern Michigan University this past Friday. Your boy is super geeked! I only have 12 classes left to get my BA with a specialization in HR!!!

To step my game up, I am taking 2 classes next semester & plan on one in the spring & summer sessions. I gotta hurry up & get out of that bitch.

– Suite Suzy & I decided to let Quench Essentials go. I will be having a fire house sale soon to move remaining products. I will miss Quench but I will not miss giving up time that can be focused in stronger areas.

We learned a lot over the past 3 years doing this business that helps me now & will help elsewhere in the future.

Stay tuned for more information on the liquidation sale!

– I have been busy getting my photography hustle on this week. I applied for the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, which is a major deal seeing that 500k people attend this 4 day event each year. They have a grueling jury process & I will not know if I made it until Feb 20, 2009. I am happy that the stress of the application process is over. Now I will rest & not trip over weather I make it or not because it is what it is & out of my hands.

I also applied to present @ Pecha Kucha Night in Detroit. When you present @ Pecha Kucha, you have are allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds – giving you 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter.

Not sure when I will hear when the presenter announcements will be made. We will see what happens.

On a final art note, next week, I’m applying for the Crosby Festival of the Arts, which is held at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. I have never been to this art fair but it sounds awesome. They have like 230 artists & it has been around since the 60’s.

I do not intend on being an art fair traveler or doing them full or part time. I’m doing this to get my art seen by more people so that I can get my pieces in the right places.

– I got into a traffic accident the other day while in Detroit. This Canadian idiot hit me when he cut me off & went into oncoming traffic. The incident got heated & I told him that I was going to jump the fuck off he back the fuck off. The po po showed up at the right time because I was about to catch a case.

The good news is, I was not injured & the car has little damage. The other guys car did not fare so well.

– I have been feeling guilty because I have not been on my blogging game, letting posts slip my mind. I know that Twitter is the cause. Twitter make communication & very short thought publishing a breeze. You should be following me: http://twitter.com/bygbaby

– Friday night, Suite Suzy & I had a pretty good conversation about OJ Simpson & his conviction/sentencing. I really wish that the conversation was recorded because it was funny as hell. We both agree that he was over charged & that the prosecution/sentencing was linked to the allegation of murder.