One of my most cherished relationships is with my Cousin Dee. I remember when I moved to Detroit from Alabama (1979), my brother Topot, Cousin Connie & I used to fight over Cousin Dee because we wanted her all to our selves. My grandmother Mommie would break us up & ask us when are we fighting over that yellow nigga. The answer was always cuz.

Over the last 29 years, Cousin Connie grew to not like me or Cousin Dee & we all try to keep a small distance from Topot. So I guess I won the cousin fight.

Now that my sister Baby has children, I am excited about seeing the relationship of my daughters & her sons blossom & become life long.

When I think about Boo Boo & Bay Bay, I like wish that they will have a similar relationship to mine & Cousin Dee’s.

Over the past few days, Bay Bay stayed with us & he & Boo Boo raised certain hell from sun up to sundown. There were few moments when they were separated & it was cute to watch, especially when they fought over a spray bottle. When he went to sleep, she went, when he had to potty, she did too & they demanded to bath together.

The only ones who did not as much fun this weekend was Olivia & Sade because they were charged with keeping the dynamic diaper duo out of trouble.

This afternoon, when I was getting ready to take Bay Bay home, he got sad & Amelia begged to ride her cousin home. Her argument was convincing so she got to go.

During the drive, they laughed & screamed like they do & I was so happy when they fell asleep because I was starting to get a headache.

Once we got to Baby’s house we chatted about the kids as we sipped on peach Faygo & ate Flaming Hot Cheetos. We both agreed to get off of our lazy asses & take turns making the drive so that the kids can develop the way we did when as kids. Relationships with cousins are important & special in my eye.

As I was leaving to go home, we joked about me having all the girls & she has all the boys. Hopefully there will be no more kids!!!