Today we made the trip to my sister’s to meet Asar, the latest addition to our family.

He slept trough most of our visit but when he was awake, he was really awake.

Watching him sleep while I held him was very special. His skin was so soft & his baby scent was comforting.

I think that he looks like his brother Tony but everyone argued me down saying that he did not. I guess you can never win an argument being he only man in a group of women.

In a couple of weeks, I’m planning on going back to visit & take some new born portraits. I think he will be in peek cuteness & a little fatter then.

Everybody & their momma knows that my sister works my last nerve but I am proud of her & how she is trying to make it happen with her little family.

Shortly after her baby daddy got home, we had to make haste to get home because he started asking me if I wanted to do Primerica & all but had me signing some shit. I hate pyramid schemes.

To change the subject during his sales pitch, I asked him when was he going to stop fucking my sister & marry her. That threw him off & minutes later we were out the door. Marriage: the anti sales pitch!!! Mindspill

Here are a few more family shots from today.