After seeing Madonna in concert this past week, I have decided that I will not pay for any concert that is more than 50 bucks per ticket. I say this because most concerts that I go to, I find them OK & usually walk away feeling pretty good but after I left the Madonna concert, I felt fucking great!

She set the bar as far as I am concerned in terms of putting on a show & giving people their money’s worth.

The show was non-stop visual & auditory stimulation; making it better was the great seats that we had (thx Suite Suzy). BTW, I di dmy bitch scream a few times.

I expected the show to be big but I had no fucking idea that she was going to turn it out like she did. There was a hug Rolls Royce rolling around on stage, a transvestite battle, a real performing gypsy band complete with male & female dancers flamenco type dancers, double dutch jump rope, a video dance cage, pole dancing, midgets, video appearance of Barack Obama & that nasty Britney Spears.

The only thing that did not make it out on stage was a fucking kitchen sink!

After a 1½ hours of watching this live spectacle, I was ready to go so we bounced but the show was still going on strong.

I have no idea what time she went off stage & wish I could have stayed to the bitter end but my body was like I need sleep.

So when we got out of the venue, we were greeted by an ass load of Jesus Freaks carrying picket signs saying god hates sin & your going to hell for listening to Madonna & other crazy shit.

My thing was, it is 1am, cold as fuck outside, snowing & you are out here yelling some bullshit argument. Get a life bitches!!!

As we made out way to the car, I yelled at one of the freaks: I loved sin, sin is my friends, I’m going to sin tonight. That bitch had the nerve to yell back & said your going right to hell with Madonna.

I tell ya’, only in Ameri-mutha-fucking-ca!!!

So in terms of future concerts my dear artist friends, if you are charging more the 50 bucks a ticket & I do not get ¼ of what Madonna gave me, I will not be coming to see you. The only exception to this rule is private events & lounge sets.

So basically entertain me bitch, make me scream, make me throw my big tighty whities on stage. Mindspill