Why come I can’t wait to see my sister’s newest son Asar Nasir? He was born 440am this morning; 7lbs 12.8oz 19″. Her current vagina status is busted & stitched up like a circumcised Nigerian girl.

Why come all of Jonny Depp’s movies are the shit? I just watched the “9th Gate”.

Why come I’m addicted to Twitter. It’s really affecting my blogging?

Why come I’m happy as hell that I passed my last accounting test with an 80% & quiz with a 100%. One more test & 2 more quizzes & I am out that bitch?

Why come I’m geeked that I sold a piece of art at the American Society of Media Photographers “object Art show” benefiting AIDS last Friday? The theme was apples & I sold “A Stranger’s Apple

Why come my Obama love fest is so over but his campaign keeps emailing me for donations?

Why come CNN is all over Sarah Palin like white on rice asking that Bitch if she is gonna run in 2012. She needs to do a whole lot of reading before we can ask her shit like that.

Why come 70% of voting Negroes in CA voted against Prop 8? And how did the Mormons get so rich to come up with 20 something million to support the ban on gay marriage?

Why come radio host Joe Madison is the shit?

Why come Beyonce wants to portray Wonder Woman on the silver screen? Am I the only person in the world that thinks she should be limited to starring in her own videos?

Why come I can’t stop listening to George Dukes “I want You For Myself”? Disco Jazz is a genre that needs a comeback!

Why come I recently saw a friend’s husband out with another woman the other night & he totally looked busted? And why come I feel like I cannot say shit about it to my friend although she knows that I know that he’s hoeish anyway?

Why come Negroes @ the gym be working out with doo rags & headscarves on? Why not sacrifice your waves & perms so that you do not look ghetto as hell in front of mixed company?

Why come the staff at my senators office acted clueless today when I called to get tickets to the inauguration. I am officially on the waiting list in 4 congressional offices and yes I even called Kwame’s wig wearing momma for some tix.

Why come in 1½ hours, I will be watching the early release of “Quantum of Solace”. Not gettin my usual large mixed icee & medium popcorn though. We I might get the icee.