I got to my polling location this morning around 7am & that bitch was off the hook with the line wrapped around the building.

I took Olivia with me & promised her breakfast if we gout out by 8 but from the looks of the line, a rain check was in order.

We stood in line for 20 minutes before someone came out & said “if you live in district 18, there is no waiting inside”. I was overjoyed to hear that news because I’m a district 18er. I told my new District 17 friends in line that I would see them later, then Olivia & I were on our way to the right line, which was a fraction of the size.

20 minutes later, my ballot was complete, I got my I voted sticker & we were headed to Coney Island for breakfast before I dropped Olivia off at school.

As we left the building, I saw the people I met in line only a few feet from were I left them & told them that they needed to move to my hood.

Soon, I’ll be heading out to the Obama campaign office to work for a while to help get out the vote.

I tell you, I am on such a natural high right now & I hope the feeling lasts for a while!!!