Just got back from the Barack Obama campaign office not to long ago, what an exciting place to be. If you have been volunteering, you know what I mean.

Headed back later tonight for the watch party and some good free eating.

I’ve been twittering all day about my experience & reading the experiences of others & it has been great. Here are a few interesting things I learned from my twitter friends today.

  • “Ten Reasons Why You Should Ignore Exit Polls” –
  • Voters in NYC and Seattle can get a free coffee, and a free sex toy LOL
  • Word on the street in Mississippi – free chicken biscuits @ chik-fil-a for those who voted!
  • People who can suck it tonight… Ann Coulter, Joe the Plumber, Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Palin (and her smug “you betcha” attitude)…
  • I hope to never hear “Joe the Plumber” again after today. I would also say “Sarah Palin”, but I think that might be asking for too much
  • Is it too early for Christmas music? I’m thinking no. Let’s hope we get an early Christmas present with a new president elect named Obama.
  • Those who are leaving because Obama is our next president better start packing their bags.
  • Dixville Notch Polls closed. 15 for Obama 6 for McCain First time since in 1968 voting for Hubert Humphrey that they have gone Democrat
  • Barackin’ the vote on the east coast. Happy Obama Day!
  • What has your election day been like? Will you be glued to the tv tonight though the morning???

As you know, my camera was in hand recording my environment & it is all good, so stay tuned for photos.