This evening about 8pm, the doorbell rang & I opened the door to see a large group of trick-or-treaters.

As I opened the door, I asked what they wanted & they all yelled; TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!!!

When they quieted down, I yelled back TRICK BITCHES!!!! Then I gave them each a special apple.

As I passed the apples out to the shocked bastards on my porch, I heard a parent ask from the sidewalk, did he just say “trick bitches” as he started to walk toward my house.

Before you know it, he was on my porch getting the door slammed in his red face. He shouted into the door, “I got your trick, you bitch” & I yelled back “get the fuck off my porch” as cut off the porch light & laughed wickedly.

Suite Suzy looked at me & called me a sick mutha then she gave me a high five.

At 7:23pm, I woke up from a deep sleep at my desk.  It was all a damn dream.