My nephew Asar should enter the world in about 2 weeks & my sister is more than ready for him to appear.

During her last pregnancy, I had hoped to get some maternity photographs but all I had back then was a little point & shoot camera.

This time around I was mos def going to make this happen & Baby was very excited about our little photoshoot.

While we were shooting & changing positions, Asar was very active & I saw him punching & kicking Baby’s belly.

Towards the end of our sessions, she started get sick & was saying that she thinks that the birth was about to jump off. That was my cue to leave before anyway water broke.

As I started to pack up, she was like damn; you won’t even take me to the hospital if I had to go. I replied, I do not want any amniotic fluids on my new car seats.

I am not that out cold but… She knew I was just kidding.

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