Photography: So today is the big day! I am dropping off my art pieces at the Detroit Artist Market for the holiday show. I am still crazy excited & nervous like a school boy.

My gallery wraps are looking awesome & my prints are freshly matted & looking like a million bucks, or at least 55 bucks. (above is what I will have on display & sale)

The show is running Nov 7-Dec 12, with an opening reception Nov 7 @ 7pm. If you are in the Detroit area, check it out and put a cherry on top by buying some of my shit!!!

Music: Last week, in my “A Few Questions” post, I asked whatever happened to Lisa Fischer while reminiscing about Lutha’? Well today, I found out what my former boo interest has been up to.

It was about 715pm last evening & I was in class goofing off checking my email, when I got my weekly update from Traxsource. The first new release listed was from Elements of Life (A Louie Vega group), who has a new track named “Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)” and it features Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle but most importantly, it features Lisa Fischer.

After I read this little news I could no longer concentrate on my accounting because I wanted to hear what it sounded like.

Later when I got to the cut, I went online to have a listen & it’s a very hot house track!!! I had a hard time figuring out if I liked the “Main Mix Up” or the “Vamp Mix” version better, so I got both. I am so hooked on the hook!!!

When I finally go back to the gym, I will be armed with some new elliptical machine jams!!!

If you like house music & Lisa Fischer this is a great cut to have too.

In other new music: Jazzanova has a new release titled “Of All Things”. This release is so-so & I only really cared for 2 of the 12 cuts available. So I got “Lucky Girl” & “Little Bird”, and I actually am loving them both.

“Lucky Girl” is an upbeat jazzy cut with refreshing male vocals by Detroiter Paul Randolph!

“Little Bird” is a very somber bluesy/jazzy cut with deep reaching vocals by José James who I have been feeling for a little over a month since his release of “Desire & Love”.

On my final music note (pun kinda intended), I discovered this 8 year old electro Brazilian album titled “Brazilian Love Affair 2” (sorry not available on iTunes so check eMusic) & it is smoking hot!!! I downloaded 3 cuts “Freio Aerodynamico” by Marcos Valle, “Dindi” by Victor Assis Brasil, & “Quem Com Quem” by Azymuth, & all three have totally different flavors that melt together wonderfully.

Of the three “Freio Aerodynamico” is my stand out favorite & probably the best song on the release. It’s an up-tempo instrumental with a killer bass line & keys. I say a must have for house fans who love international flavor sprinkled into the mix.

OK, I’m out this bitch.