Last night, I left class early so that I could catch the elimination round on America’s Next Top Model only to find out that they were not showing a new episode this week. That kinda made me made.

So since I had an extra 15 minutes of TV time, I decided to hit CNN to catch their pre debate coverage as I debated on if I was going to watch the debate or the season finale of Project Runway.

Well I decided to watch the debate instead & I made the wrong decision! After I caught the rerun of Project Runway, it was clear that it was so much more entertaining than the presidential debate. I was disappointed that Korto did not win but I was very happy for Leanne. Both ladies were my favorite personalities throughout the competition.

Anyway, here are my comments/thoughts, & questions on the final debate.

  • The word “fundamental” was said four times.
  • The word “angry” was said five times.
  • The “maverick” was never said.
  • The name “Joe the Plumber” was said 26 time.
  • The words “shut the fuck up bitch” should have been used at least six times.

– on the Mummy’s opening: Fuck Nancy Reagan; plus I thought she was dead anyway. I guess it was her senile husband I was thinking of.

– Being compared to a racist must really hurts John McCain feelings but if his actions/inactions lend to the argument, why argue because it is what it is! And I’m so confused as to why The Mummy expects Barack to repudiate John Lewis’ call out. I am happy that Barack did bitch up on the subject.

And John McCain keeps saying that people at Barack’s rallies shout things similar to terrorist, kill him etc directed toward McCain, which is striking me as another one of his lies. And if it is true, why has it not been covered in the media? Could it be that it is only in The Mummy’s mind???

“I do not regret what I said…” “…Maybe it could have been said in a different way, because it was not suggesting that John McCain or Sarah Palin was closely related any way to the actions of Governor Wallace.”

“It was all about what I call toxic speech — statements an audience that can unleash bitterness and hatred. And I don’t need anyone to lecture me about my feelings, or what I have observed for more than 50 years.” U.S. Rep. John Lewis 10/15/2008

– Fuck Joe the plumber, he’s voting for McCain anyway. He obviously does not have his finances together to start his own business. As a plumber he should have been making big bank, which could have been used to start that business years ago,

I can see now that “Joe the plumber” being used in the next few election cycles. It will be yet another description for white male voters.

– Why come McCain had not flag pen & Barack did? Someone please tell me!!!

– John McCain, mainstream America likes abortion & it is obvious. How many people do you know that went down to the clinic??? Personally, I am against abortion but to me it is a women’s rights issue & they need to be able to choose what’s best. The argument gets a little sticky when the father is not part of the decision though.

McCain stated that he supports adoption and wants to make it easier. Will he allow gays more options to adopt the unaborted babies that he loves so damn much…

My final assessment on the abortion discussion is that John McCain is no friend to the uterus. If you are a woman & do not want a government run reproductive system, the choice for president is clear.

Tafari factoid: One of my favorite movies on the subject of abortion is “Citizen Ruth”. If you have not seen it, please check it out, it is funny as hell & it proves that Jesus freaks are for hell.

– I am happy that Barack put aside any doubt on whom he associates with & got excited when he flipped it on The Mummy in terms of who IS influencing him.

As far as the ACORN issue, I think he go caught out there. According to’s fact check, Obama’s legal work was his only professional tie to the group, but he also spoke at volunteer training sessions and his campaign had a contract with a group that worked with ACORN. And this is not including the 800k that his campaign handed ACORN. I wonder how this will play out

Overall, this was the best debate of the three & I have to hand it to McCain for bringing his A game for at least the beginning. He later lost any cool he had & converted right back to an angry white man with bad teeth.

Barack again was poised, descriptive in his vision, on message & speaking to the topics that mattered to people in my socioeconomic demographic.

In nineteen more days, the real drama will begin!