Tonight I am feeling bubbly for 2 vastly different reasons:

  • I had a big delicious burrito with a side of guacamole from a local burrito joint for lunch today. As you may be able to imagine, my stomach is jumping off like a disco show & the amount of gas that I am experiencing can power a small moped.
  • I got my acceptance letter from the Detroit Artist Market letting me know that 2 of my pieces were accepted into their juried Holiday Sale/Show. I have been on pins & needles all week waiting for the results & tonight I will celebrate with a little of the bubbly stuff instead of my Thursday night cocktails.

The pieces that made in it were “Edge of Reality”, a dark dramatic abstract macro & my sunny & energetic “Wave”, which most of you have seen before. The pieces will be 20×24 & printed on canvas then gallery wrapped & they are going to look so mutha fuckin’ fly!!! I cannot wait until they are back.

Anyway, the celebration will occur after I pop this tums & my bubble guts issue is resolved.