I wanted to write something witty about apples, but as of 3 hours ago, I am not giving a fuck about apples because the art drama is over & I got my shit back tonight! I am so relieved that there was no drama & my twenty-mutha-fuckin’-dollars were enclosed! And best of all, I do not have to deal with that damned 36th district civil court!!!

In other good news, The Yellow Toothed Mummy got his ass clobbered by “That One” in the debate last night. This 2nd debate was so much juicier than the last one big time.

I am dying to see who The Mummy is going to try to spin his defeat last night. And what will his pussy puppet say now?

That republican ticket is the most desperate & pathetic thing I have ever seen. Will they start talking about his white momma next???

On a so/so news level, the “House Wives of Atlanta” started tonight on Bravo & it is a hot ghetto mess. Just when I thought the “House Wives” franchise could get no worse, it did. The wives are all so common & seem to not have come from shit, then blew up. I guess this is typical when you are dealing with people from the hood that grew up eating their cornflakes with water.

Speaking of not having milk, I don’t know what it is about NeNe but something special about her makes me thirsty for a tall glass of milk.

On a totally schizophrenic note & before I hit the sack, if you are into sexy new age jazz, love the piano I highly suggest checking out the Esbjörn Svensson Trio’s latest album “E.S.T Leucocyte”! It’s hot & great studio/office music. Also great when coupled with a 3 cocktail buzz on a Thursday night (I love Thursdays).

Back to apples kinda; If you hate apples, don’t click here.