I was talking to an associate today about my move to file a small claim against The Dally in the Alley & Khristy Wilkinson if my work is not in my hands this Wednesday. During the conversation, he asked me if it was that deep.

I responded hell yeah, they have my shit, I want my shit, they are not giving me my shit & that is a problem; a deep problem!

I did not donate my shit, I offered my shit for display at their show. The show is over, it is more than a month since the show & I want my mutha fukcin’ shit back.

Dammit; I almost feel like saying, I WANT MY DADDY’S RECORDS.

Anyway, when I called around today to find out what the process was to file a small claim, I almost vomited when I found out that I would have to file my claim in the 36th District Court. The 36th district is in Detroit, ghetto as hell & doing anything there will take a whole damn day. This adds another level of drama to the entire ordeal. I really hope it all ends before I have to get into a bunch of mess.

But the bottom line is yeah, it is that deep!