It has officially been a month since I had 2 pieces of my art on Display at the Dally In The Alley. You probably remember how excited I was to be part of this, my first show.

The show has come & gone & my excitement has turned into being pissed the fuck off.

Pissed off, yes!!! I am so pissed!!!

First of all, after the show, I collected the two pieces that made it to the via the jury process & while inspecting them, I noticed that the glass on one was damaged, so I notified the head fool in charge. Before I left, I talked to Khristy Wilkinson & asked when I could get my other pieces from her & she was like, I will FedEx them to you on that following Monday & that was cool.

Well, lets just say that she never followed through on the FedExing. So I tried calling & emailing her to get my work & she just did not follow up. After the 2 try, I contacted my associate who invited me to participate in the show to assist with getting my work.

It seemed like it was a going to work & that I would get my shit because Khristy responded to him with some bullshit but she was working to get the issue resolved.

Well, lets just say that it is weeks later & I still don’t have my shit!

Last Wednesday, I emailed this bitch & told her that she had a week t run me my shit or pay me $450.00 + $20.00 for the piece that was damaged under her watch. After she saw that, she was like ok, I will have it to you Friday or Saturday.

Well, lets just say, it is Saturday & I still do not have my shit & the bitch has not responded to my voicemail.

So since I was lied to & dissed again, I contacted the chairman of the Dally hoping for some satisfaction. In my message to him, I indicated who upset I was & if I got no response by Wednesday then I was filling a small claim against her & the Dally In The Alley.

I hope that it does not result to this but I am so ready to make it happen!

This is the 2nd time that I got janked over for my art within the last month & I am not putting up with any more bullshit, from friends, or these so called art professionals.