Since the economic just passed, I just got pissed off. The bill is packed with bullshit & will not help anyone in my neighborhood from losing the house that they could not afford in the first damn place.

WHAT THE FUCK – Manufacturers of kids’ wooden arrows – $6 million. (I don’t give a fuck about Arrows)
WHAT THE FUCK – Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum producers – $192 million. (Well I really like rum)
WHAT THE FUCK – Wool research. – unknown millions. (Wool is OK, I guess)
WHAT THE FUCK – Auto-racing tracks – $128 million. (I don’t give a fuck about NASCAR)
WHAT THE FUCK – Corporations operating in American Samoa – $33 million. (I don’t give a fuck about American Samao)
WHAT THE FUCK – Small- to medium-budget film and television productions – $10 million. (How the fuck is this benefitting Black productions)
WHAT THE FUCK – Alaskan fisherman post 1989 Exxon Valdez – $223 million. (I don’t give a fuck about Alaskan fisherman, can’t they hunt moose instead?)

WHAT THE FUCK does this pork have to do with the banking, homeowners, my everyday etc…

I’m am so not feeling the fact that we as tax payers have to come out of the pocket because greedy, ignorant & broke as people got into homes that they could not afford. I say fuck em & let the chips fall. And do our congressional representatives really give a fuck about the people?

When my family purchased out homes, we got something we could afford & got a reasonable & traditional loan. Why could others not do this & take the bait of those trying to make a fast profit.

Sometimes when you lay with dog, you get fleas. Now we all have fleas & most of us acted responsibly.

With all this said, my Congressman John Dingell will be losing his current bid for the Michigan’s 15th district congressional seat. Senator Carl Levin, you just lost my vote for your next run. Debbie Stabenow, thanks for having the courage to vote no on this bullshit boo!

To those of you who support the bill, tell me how it is going to help Addie Polk. Please tell me!

What is you thinking?