– I finally got the new Little Brother CD “…And Justus For All”. As usually they did not disappoint & put out a great album full of head bopping cuts. I’ve been on a rap kick lately; don’t ask why!

– Last on my Flickr page I lamented that I was sad to see the season change & watch my gardens quickly fade into a drab mass of spent blooms & faded beauty. One of my visitors reminded me that with the appearance of autumn, I have renewed vibrant life & new vibrant colors.

I took that comment & put it in my pocket for another time because I will miss coming home to see what bloomed each day. Well today, I was pulled that comment from last week out of my pocket after seeing these (photo above) bittersweet sprigs at the farmers market. The bright orange made me smile & also think about one of my co-workers who really loves orange.

Anyway, as I left the market headed to work, I started to notice the leaves & fall berries & saw new photographic potential.

– I had my 1st test in my managerial accounting class today & I pulled of an 84%. It was tough but I made it through & so happy with my results. I am feeling a B out of this class thus far. Many more quizzes & three tests will reveal the truth.

– I just figured out why my back has been hurting when sitting in my home office. My damn lumbar support on my Aeron Chair is busted like a mutha. I have to contact Herman Miller ASAP for a replacement.

I just did a ghetto move to fix the problem for now but it will not last forever.

– At 1am this morning I finally got the jury results for the Scarab Club photography exhibit that I applied for last week. I read the email like 4 times to be sure that my name was there & it so was not. I was let down & lost a little sleep but I am OK now. Food was my comfort to make it through this. So for breakfast I got this way over priced bacon, egg & cheese sandwich from Zingermans (overrated local spot).

For lunch I headed to McDonald’s for 2 McRibs. You may remember that I gave up eating beef so do not judge me on the McRib. No one really knows what it is made of, so technically, I did not violate myself. Actually, I am talking shit, I did not have a McRib but I did think one would help. Not only that, the McRib is no back (yet).

Anyway……. before I went to class earlier, I decided to contact the organizer for the exhibit to touch base & find out if they offered any professional critiques of relatively new photographers. She was very happy to hear my question & told me that she was just thinking about putting together a program with hopes to pitch the idea soon. Possibly kindred sprits at work here.

She was very pleasant & told me to not be discouraged because some strong pieces did not make it & the competition was very rough. She also suggested that I continue to apply for shows & of course I will. I felt good as we ended our conversation & ready for the next opportunity.

My next show verdict comes on Friday & I am hoping for a reversal of fortune or that McRib may really happen this time.

– I need to wash my hair but I don’t feel like it: so…

– I cannot wait to see the VP debate Thursday. That shit is going to be a riot!!!!!! Loose Lips Biden vs. Pussy Puppet Palin. What a match!!!