If wishes come true, let me make a wish now that I get accepted to both of the art shows that I applied for last week.

If my wish comes true, I will find out tomorrow for the Scarab Club Photography exhibit. I submitted 4 pieces to the jury & I would be so happy to get at least two pieces in from my Dahlia series.

If my wish continues throughout the week, I will find out Friday that I was selected for the Detroit Artist Market Holiday Show. I also submitted 4 pieces to the jury, a mixture of floral abstracts & I am hoping that I can get two pieces into this one as well.

Both shows are big & just getting one piece the shows would be great for my artist résumé. Stay tuned for the results.

Thx to you; many of my readers have offered so much support in the past, so whether I make these or not, I appreciate you putting positive vibes into the universe for me!

Download a wallpaper here if you are feeling this image.