I was watching some entertainment show on CNN Wednesday night & all they seemed to talk about was Clay Aiken admitting to the world that he was gay. They talked about it so much, I said, I cannot take this anymore, then cut off the TV & went to bed.

Last night I popped in the bed then cut the boob tube on & the TV was still on CNN from the night before & entertainment show was on & they were still talking about Clay Aiken.

I am like why is this “hot news”, who cares??? And who didn’t know he was gay???

Clay Aiken admitting he is gay is like Reuben Studdard admitting that he can eat a eat 6 piece Popeye’s meal in 20 minutes or Sarah Palin admitting that she is dumb as fuck & can see Russia from her house (bitch I can see Canada from mine, does that make me a diplomat???), or John McCain admitting that he has not been to the dentist since he got back from Vietnam, or me admitting that one of my nipples is much longer than the other one (kinda like a chimpanzee).

Umm, we all know!!!!!!!!!!!!!