Well, the weekend is over and so are my birthday celebrations. I really had a great weekend doing nothing but eating & chilling while enjoying my damn self!

My little party was big fun last Friday & my turn out was awesome. I recall few details but all the important people were there I think.

My bar friends at the Centaur really hooked my up & my favorite bar tender Julia surprised me with a mini bottles of Tanqueray 10, Patron Silver & some lottery scratch offs; the quick perfect barfly gift.

I always tell people not to get me anything because I am not into that but I never turn anything especially the tickets that Suite Suzy got us to see “Wicked” (I have been wanting to see this for 5 years & cannot wait to see it in Detroit).

Other than the gift of good bottles, my other favorite surprise was meeting my Blogging Buddy Ro~ (finally). Like with the rest of the bloggers that I meet, I felt like we already had a bond & Suite Suzy & I thought she was someone who we would hang out with all the time. I guess I attract the best peoples. LOL!!! But Ro~ had to cut the visit short because her boo was coming over & she had to get home to but on a batch of waffle fries & heat up the chicken wings (Ro, I told you I was going to put your business in the street! LOL!!!!!!).

Anyway, many pomegranate martinis, laughs, nipple pulls (don’t ask), a molestation attempt, Suite Suzy & I headed to Andiamo’s for an intimate dinner with Cousin Dee & Zana.

I love Andiamo’s, I mean love but they are the slowest bitches ever!!! We got there at 8m & did not leave until damn near 11pm. If it were not for the 3 pomegranate martinis (yes I had more), great conversation, a big juicy ass pork chop, obnoxious laughing and slamming live jazz joint music, I would have had to cuss someone the fuck out.

While at dinner, Zana passed me a gift and as I opened it, I saw that she got me a smudge stick of white sage. All I could do was my bitch scream & laugh. People were like WTF, & Suite Suzy & Cousin Dee were like what the hell is that. Zana & I broke down what it was & we joked about it because the whole thing is an inside thing between her & I. And truth be told, I just learned about the concept of smudging 2 weeks ago from Zana. Bottom line, I think I will do some smuding around the house later this week.

So, I’m officially thirtymuthafuckinfoe up in this bitch, so what’s next???

Anyway, I’m out so I can hit the sack cuz I gotta be at the plantation in the am & sugar buzz that I got from a slice of my birthday pineapple upside cake is wearing off.

BTW, here is a link to party photos.