This past week was off the chain & by the time I got off of work Thursday, I thought my fucking head was going to explode because I had so much jumping off @ work, school & in my personal life.

I mean things were so intense that I decided to go to “Super Liquor IV” (yes, this is really the name of the liquor store & they have EVERYTHING!!!) to pick up a fresh bottle of gin & some tonic (I had limes at home). When I walked into SLIV I headed straight for the Tanqueray! By the time I got to the gin isle, I was like fuck this, it has been a rough week, let me get the Hendricks instead.

When I got home, I popped the bottle, the drama was gone temporarily, & my mind was right.

As I enjoyed a few cocktails, I was able to chill & put my week in perspective. Then I realized that my week was not as bad as it really seemed. I guess I needed a bottle of $40 gin to figure that all out.

What made the week good after the fact:

  • I sold some Quench & was invited to 2 craft fairs for the fall season.
  • My little Associates diploma arrived in the mail today & now I can officially say; I gots my edumakation boo!!! LOL
  • I meet with a client yesterday, did a art assessment of her office & helped her work on a palate to keep things eclectic but peaceful. By the time I was finished, she purchased a 20×24 canvas gallery print of the image above. I cannot wait until it comes; it is going to look so hot in her office. She also has 4 more of my pieces on order.
  • I picked up a graphic design job (logo design & website), which was much needed cuz I need some cash!!! Yeah, I know I said that I wasn’t doing webpages anymore but it was hard to turn down that cash, when visa is like pay us bitch. I’m really lucky to have skills that can help me bring home the bacon.
  • I got booked to do my first weeding, which is scheduled for Aug 2009 in Cancun. Can you say vacay & cash payment. I LOVE IT!!! This is actually my second wedding booking because I am covering Cousin Dee’s wedding next year as well.
  • Cousin Dee & I did our last cousin date for the 3th quarter. We hit the Centaur of course! Then we stopped at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) to check out the opening of the “Becoming: Photographs from the Wedge Collection” which opened yesterday. I heard about it Thursday while listening to “Detroit Today” on WDET (my favorite local NPR station). I was so happy we went because the exhibit was very inspiring, rich, & diverse.

    As we walked the exhibit, we were able to comprehend the photos, lighting, color balance, etc like we had never done before when visiting a photo exhibit. I think we both felt like we evolved in a weird kind of way.  

    After the photo exhibit, we hit Ronin for the best sushi in the Detroit area. I had not had any sushi in over a month, so I really savored my spicy tuna hand rolls, edamame & jalapeño rolls.

  • Lastly, I got a package from one of the best metal jewelry designers in Illinois. If you are a regular here, you may know her and or read her blog. I cannot reveal what it is that I got but because Suite Suzy is always up in my business reading my blog and I do not want to ruin the surprise. If you want to guess what I got her, check out this page. Stay tuned!!!

I am hoping that next week is as good as I want it to be, so let me proclaim that it will be NOW.

My agenda so far includes:

  • Getting my locks tightened tomorrow (I am 2 weeks big time overdue)
  • Celebrating my Olivia’s 10th birthday. I cannot believe that my sweet yellow baby is getting getting up there.
  • Thursday, I am gtting my hair color refreshed in the afternoon, so that I can be red-hot for my birthday Friday, photographing a charity party for an associate of mine in the evening. I cannot wait, cuz I need them quick 200 dollars, I will be celebrating all damn day Kwame Kilpatrick’s last day as the pimp & mayor of Detroit
  • Friday is my birthday & as you know, I am doing the Centaur with friends then hitting up Andiamo’s. It is going to be a great night!!!
  • Saturday, Suite Suzy & I are heading to the movies to see “Lakeview Terrace” (I hope she don’t do all that talking she be doing this time.).