I met Stella Rumple today when I purchased some of her son’s wonderful dahlia’s at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market.

During our transaction, I told her how lovely her display was and she thanked me. She also informed me that the flowers were her sons & that she was merely helping out.

As her husband carefully packaged my dahlia bouquet she pointed out a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL orange & pink dahlias. As I complemented them, she informed me that her son breed them & named them after her; the Stella R Dahlia.

Stella also shared with me that her son Tom Rumple, breeds many varieties of dahlia & participates in several dahlia societies etc.

After hearing that awesome story, I asked if I could take her portrait and without hesitation, she said yes. Before I hit the shutter button, she said wait, I want to take a picture with my dahlia. With the bouquet in hand she gave me a warm smile & the rest is history.

It was really nice talking with Stella & before I left, she invited me to a garden walk at her son’s home & of course I accepted!

When I got to my office, I Googled her son Tom Rumple & found a few great things such as:

  • His Stella R dahlia was the dahlia of the year in 2006
  • He has been selling his dahlias at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market for 14 years & is known as the Dahlia Man
  • We both work for the same university & he has been there for over 21 years
  • He is an accredited senior judge in the American Dahlia Society
  • At the 2007 Chicago Dahlia Society Show he won 8 first prize ribbons

After my little research, I am super excited about the garden walk & you know my camera will be in hand!