I recently broke down & picked up a copy of Adobe Lightroom 2 (it is all about getting an educational discount). Initially, I was very intimidated by switching to Lightroom because so used to my workflow in Adode Bridge/Camera Raw & Photoshop.

Now after being up & running for a week now with Lightroom, I can say that am so happy that I decided to make the upgrade!

Lightroom 2 is so much more flexible & powerful than Camera Raw in Adobe Bridge & the keywording feature is absolutely bananas & since I am a keyword whore, I am so digging it. And best of all, I have saved at least 3 steps in my image processing & filing process!!!

Now I know what all the buzz was about in the Photoshop User magazine since I attended the Photoshop World Conference earlier this year.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

The one & only downside to this upgrade is that I have to go through all of my old images so that I can keyword & catalog them into the new database. Since I have a ton of photos, I am pacing myself by doing 1 to 2 folders per week. If you knew how anal I am with my filing system, you would understand my pain. Nasa could hire me to catalog & they would love me!

By the way, the image above (Titled: Sweetest Tears) is a shot of a rose from my garden. It is one of 3 blooms that I have seen all summer. Those damn Japanese Beetles eat them before that get anywhere near blooming. I am so happy that it rained today because it seems to be the only thing that keeps those fuckers away.