One thing I enjoy about blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to talk with people from across the country & the world & even Canada.

Even when I am feeling blah & stressed because of blogging, my reader comments & emails always get me going. Not to mention that I love talking a whole lot of shit.

Since I’ve been blogging, I have been able to meet a few other bloggers & readers. Each experience has been great so far, especially when Negro Fixin’s & dranks is involved.

During my recent my trip to Chicago, I was able to meet with 2 other blogging Negroes; Tamra & DJ Black Adam. I would have met with three bloggers but Darius T. Williams was too busy cooking one of his fancy meals. LOL!!! (Just kidding DTW, I could not resist). In all honesty, I was last minute, when I contacted them all & was like drop everything, I coming to Chicago (like I am somebody).

My first bloggers meeting jumped off with Tamra who I pressured to make dinner arrangements, who then flipped it on her boo Dialo (I hope I spelled that right!) to make the decision for a Saturday night meal.

When it was all said & done, we agreed to eat at the Weber Grill & what a great choice! The wait was a little lengthy but it was all good because it gave us all a chance to kick it.

Dinner, drinks & dessert were great but the conversation was so much better. Tamra was the same Tamra that I read & converse with online & it was like we had known like we went way back. It was just our spouses who had to catch up.

This dinner with new real life friends was a definite trip highlight & they even helped to kick off me & Olivia’s b-day celebrations.

One thing that scarred Suite Suzy & I was the fact that Tamra & Dialo may not want to have kids after seeing Amelia wreck havoc at the dinner table. My little Boo Boo was off the hook.

After dinner, we parted ways, then the girls & I hit the streets to get a cab & that was not fun but we eventually got one.

When we got back to the room, I coordinated hooking up with DJ Black Adam who was in Chicago doing some filming for his upcoming House Music documentary (how cool is that).

Once we go a plan together DJBA scooped me up & we hung out at the Rock and Roll McDonalds, where he had America’s most expensive Quarter Pounder. I was still full from dinner but like a true greedy Negro, I found room for a strawberry milkshake (small).

We did not get to hang for long but we had a great time talking about politics, blogging, & the famous 6 piece from Harold’s Chicken. We really could have talked for hours, which would have been cool but we both had to call it a night because it was late & no one wants an upset boo waiting at the door with a blade and or a pot hot grits.

Other trip highlights:

  • The walking around that I did (I clocked a good 7 miles)
  • Shopping in person @ Rotofugi (my favorite online toy store). Walking here was about half of my 7 miles.
  • Photographing Cloud Gate
  • Stopping Suite Suzy from spending 500 bucks at the American Girl Doll store
  • Not having to swing my camera bag at anyone or anything
  • Getting hit in the face by a pigeon while hanging breakfast at the Corner Bakery (I had the “Anaheim Scrambler” & it was off the chain!!!)
  • Hanging out & taking a nap at the Museum of Science & Industry
  • Getting an emergency pedicure at a Korean nail salon
  • Realizing that 10.25% sales tax will stop me from shopping

This was only my second trip to Chicago & it was so much better than my 1st 11 years ago, when I vowed to never go back. I guess 2nd chances are a good thing sometimes.

I am toying with the idea of going back to Chicago for my birthday this month but I will probably still be broke from all of those parking garage fees we had to pay, which is probably around 300 bucks. Next time the trip will have to mos def be by train. Mindspill