Pussy Puppet: When I was leaving class on Wednesday night, I was like let me hurry up & get home so that I can watch Sarah Palin give her speech, or should I say the speech that was given to her.

A few days before the speech, news outlets were talking about how the speech was already written but for a man & it had to be retooled so that Palin could deliver it.

I know that many higher ups in government have speech writers but I found her speech to be full of bullshit & now that we know more abut her, I think that we can expect nothing but gutter talk from John McCain’s Pussy Puppet over the next 61 days.

I am so tripping over the fact that:

  • This woman has no passport & never been out of the country but is expected to have foreign relations on behalf of the country.
  • This woman has went to 5 colleges in 6 years. WTF?????
  • Half the people at the convention never heard of her before last Friday

Does this sound like someone who has it on the ball? Let me answer that one; Ummmm NO!

End of a Ghetto Regime: I guess everybody & they momma knows that I cannot stand convict Kwame Kilpatrick cuz & got 12 text messages from across the country, 6 emails, 3 phone calls & 2 blog comments asking what I thought. How funny is that???

As I watched the proceedings throughout the day, I was in a somewhat somber mood. Yes, I was so geeked to see that bitch KK going down finally but I was saddened for the city that I love to hate, the city that thought me so much, the city that made it ok for me to get robbed at gunpoint twice & the city where it is ok for kids in middle school to wear mink coats.

At one point yesterday, I actually started to feel sorry for him, his family & Christine Beatty, then I woke up & realized who I was feeling sorry for. How could I feel sorry for someone getting what they deserve for destroying so many lives. Fuck them all, FUCK EM’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detroit really has suffered a lot as a result of mismanagement over the years but I think the Kwame Kilpatrick regime has done the most damage in recent decades by casting a shadow of deceit & incompetence.

I would go point by point but it has been all over the internet so why waste keystrokes here.

Last night, he gave a speech & it was OK until he started blasting the governor Jennifer Granholm for doing her job based on the Detroit City Council’s request to get his fat ass out of office. His ending tone during his speech was smug & classic Kilpatrick arrogance just like harsh looking momma & that gutter butt philandering daddy of his.

I wonder if he uses himself as an example to teaching his kids that lying, cheating, stealing, pussy popping, & bullying are not ways to get ahead in the world.

I am not a fan of Rihanna music but this is a cut that I can get into.

Take a Bow: Kwame Kilpatrick Remix

I’m happy that it is all coming to an end & I know politics here will not go unnoticed in the national spotlight because Congressman John Conyers’ wife Monica Conyers is about to become the president of the Detroit City council.

It is going to be an interesting ride until the next local election.

Excited & Angry White People: Until watching some of the coverage at the RNC this week, I had never seen so many excited white people in one place since I went to my last Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Like many of you out there, I was bored as hell watching it but I guess I was not the intended audience either.

Most of the speeches given were about the war, Palin, elitist democrats, The Mummy’s war/POW record (how many times will this story be told?), religion, family values. I really could give less than a fuck about any of these issues. Talk to me about the economy, schools/higher ed, what happened on America’s Next Top Model and why Tyra chose a transsexual contestant, the housing market, jobs (Breaking news: 84,000 more jobs lost in August) etc. Talk to me about something that is going to make my life better, not something that divisive.

And what was with The Mummy’s speech last night? I listened to the entire thing & was like, why does it sound like one big non-substantive limerick? Is that his speaking style & why do his teeth look so yellow & bunched up?

His speech offered nothing new just like his administration will should American idiots but him in office.