MindspillThis past weekend, while on vacay, I decided to head to the movies to check out Don Cheadle’s new flick “Traitor”. Up until now, I though everything Don touched turned into gold because he is just that good but in the case of “Traitor”, Cheadle’s touch did not produce gold, it produced brass. As a matter of fact, it produced a brass dildo that fucked me out of $10.50.

In “Traitor” Don had an OK performance in general but the movie overall was a piece of shit. Well, piece of shit is a little harsh, so let me just say that it was not worth the $10.50 that I shelled out for it. Maybe if I paid the twilight price of 5 bucks I would have better feelings about it.

The story line was focused but yet disjointed at the same time. The start of the movie had no tie to the story in a cohesive way. The characters were not developed at all & they popped out of nowhere & disappeared as quickly as they came. Looking back, I still have no clue who Don was, what team he actually worked for or anything else.

The only thing that I walked away with from the movie was a feeling that border patrol agents are stupid (yes I know it is a move but also in real life), Jihad is not a good name for a domestic pet, Muslim extremists are angry & dangerous as hell. There was very little else to walk away with. And basically, this is the type of movie that you rent from Blockbuster when they are out of the really good movies.

I really don’t have much else to say about the flick except that I want a partial refund.

If you seen’t it, what are your thoughts???

I pissed a few people off with my last movie review so don’t trip on me of you see this one. I’m just saying!!!

In other Entertainment news:
My show “The Shield” is back on the air in its final season. The 1ft episode aired last night & it was hot as hell. I love to hate so many of the characters & will be watching to the bitter end.

If you are a fan of this show & are watching, I wanna bet you that Vic will be fucking that FBI agent by the 3rd episode.