On my way to Chicago this past Friday, I got a call from Cousin Dee who informed me that John McCain aKa The Mummy had chosen his VP & it was a woman. After that bit of news, I was like shit, let me call you back so that I could tune into CNN on XM.

After I hung up, I tuned into the CNN coverage & it was hot news indeed. Like many others, I was shocked that he picked this woman Sarah Palin out of virtually nowhere then we found out that they had only met once, WTF.

I guess it can be summarized to the fact that The Mummy pulled out the white mans best & oldest weapon; the white woman ot she-devil if you are a fan of the “Undercover Brother” movie. It’s a clear case that The Mummy will stop at nothing to win votes.

This choice seems to be a cheap attempt to sway Hillary supporters & appeal to conservative/super conservative idiots who like to force their views on others. I wonder if it will work???

Here we are 4 days since the announcement of Palin as the Republican VP choice & the she is caught up in all kinds of scandal.

a) Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant & planning on marrying an 18 year boy (like that is going to last!!!). This means that her call for abstinence fell on deaf ears in her home. And her daughter has an obvious love for hot dick & nuts. I mean, let’s keep it real, if Palin were a Negro, she would be condemned as having a unwed daughter who is pregnant instead of being praised by right to life fanatics.

b) She is caught up in the firing of her former brother-in-law. This means that she is nosey as hell & needs to stay out of her sister’s business. And how is she going to handle an active investigation in an abuse of power case when trying to win the white house?

c) Her husband is a drunkard who caught a DUI case. This means that she was not smart enough to bury this shit deeper. I can only imagine how much he is drinking now with a young pregnant daughter & a special needs child whose sucking on a 44 year old titty.

d) She has a 5 month old baby with Down Syndrome. This mean that this child more than anyone needs their mother around, how is she going to handle that business when she is off creating wars & fucking up the country with The Mummy?

With all these points made, it is clear that this bitch is fucked up & by no means a Hillary Clinton replacement.

Lastly, how can anyone running a US state have so much of their business on Front Street & get selected to rule the world with a dictator in the making???