MindspillAfter watching the “Democratic National Convention” coverage last night & a piece of Hillary’s speech I am still trying to figure out why people think Barack Obama owes Hillary & or Bill Clinton anything.

Why are people in the media still talking Hillary like she is still in the race. I mean it really seems like some people did not get the press release that Hillary lost the race & had no way in the world to win.

After her speech, CNN took to the audience to speak with Hillary supporters to get their reaction on what was said. I can’t remember the woman’s name who they talked to but she was brown skinned, had a bad hair piece, slightly rotund & she sounded like she could put a hurtin’ on a catfish sandwich. Hold up, thanks to my girl DCSaavy, I know now that the catfish sandwich eaters name is Ann Price-Mills of Texas.

The reporter simply asked her what she thought abut the speech & the woman (whose also a delegate) started doing all this wailing, crying & complaining that she just does not know anything about Obama. Then she said that she was still going to cast her delegate vote for Hillary Wednesday because that was what she was there for.

Then the reporter asked her what she was going to do in the fall in terms of voting. This is when she started acting like a damn fool with all that crying & sniffling. In between catching her breath, she was like, I am not voting for McCain but I, I, I, I just don’t know if I can vote for Obama.

Bill Clinton obviously does not like Hillary & is working for her to make himself look good, so what the fuck do you want from Obama.

To all those ardent Hillary Clinton Supports/PUMAS/Bill Clinton dick biters etc,

  • A) Shut the fuck up & then pay attention even Hillary said “no way, no how, no McCain”
  • B) Shut the fuck up & then consider what a vote for a Republican really means
  • C) Shut the fuck up & then get a life
  • D) Shut the fuck up & then come up with some real solutions for change
  • E) Shut the fuck up & then if you fell like you “just don’t know anything about Barack”, go to his site & read up bitch
  • F) Shut the fuck up & then start your own party, create your own platform & produce a candidate
  • G) There is no G, just shut the fuck up

After Googling Anne Price-Mills’ name, I found tons of blogs ripping her & her cohorts to shreds, much like I did her. Great minds think alike.

Lastly, she was all on the first woman being president thing & that is OK. But my thing is, you were Black before you were female. IMO being the first Black person to make it this far trumps all else. I’m just saying!!!