MindspillEarlier today, I was in the mood to bitch slap a few muthas, but hours later, I am in the mood to hug the world.

Flashback: A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that my boy Tony “Shades” Agee contacted me & asked that I participate in an art show that he is curating this coming Saturday (8/30/08).

After I got the call, I was so excited & asked you (my blogging buddies) to help me narrow down my submission choices by voting on 2 of 8 images.

After the voting was done I selected “The Wave”, “Flight of the Syrphid Fly”, “Perfect Popping Poppy” & “Swirl”.

2 weeks ago, I placed my order for prints & as soon as they arrived, I gave them to my aunt Juicy P to matte & frame.

Flashing Forward: Well this past Sunday, Juicy P called me & told me that my pieces were ready for pick-up & 50 minutes later I was knocking at her door.

When I walked into her living room, I saw my pieces all lined up & looking so awesome. As I got closer to them they looked better & better. When I actually picked one up, all I could do was my bitch scream & I could not stop because they looked so awesome & ultra ready for a show.

I remember how excited I was to see them just as a print straight from the shop but when I saw them matted & framed, it was totally on another level.

After I got my mind right & could actually talk, I thanked Juicy P & she in turn thanked me for working with her. It was a perfect collabo!

During our conversation, she said that she believes the pieces would sale before the end of the show easily. I said that I hoped so but if not, oh well, I am just happy for the exposure.

Well yesterday, I took in the pieces to work to show my co-workers & friends the final outcome to get some feedback before the show & the unexpected happened. One of my friends told me that she wanted a piece; possibly 2 & asked me to hold them for her. I was so geeked by the notion & I held them!!!

On a similar note, today I took all of the pieces to “Designer D.” an art dealer friend of mine to get a sense on what I should be charging.

Once I got to her office, I unwrapped each frame & laid them in front of her & it was so cool watching her facial expressions as I pulled them out one by one.

As she examined them, we discussed my price for a 12×10. I explained that I wanted to start with $225.00 to which she said was good to start. “Designer D.” stated that as my name grew so would the price. She also said that at my current asking price, my items would go really fast.

After our very productive conversation, she broke me off a check for “Flight of the Syrphid Fly”, another unexpected surprise. After I left Designer D.’s office I was so in the zone & I quickly called my boo to share the news!!!!

Later in the day, I ventured over to my co-workers homes to discuss her art purchase & we had a great time in the process. After my 3 Hendricks & tonics we etched a deal for her to purchase my remaining 3 pieces plus a print of “Above it All I”.

With all this said, I am officially out of the pieces that I planned on showing for sale this weekend, which is a major problem!!!!!!!!!!

As I was driving home I called up Juicy P to see if she could whip up a few frames for me before I leave for Chicago Friday. She said that it was iffy but she could give me a definite by tomorrow @ noon. If things don’t work out, we came up with a plan B.

So when I got home, I put in a rush order for more prints & my fingers are crossed hoping that my plan A lines up the way that I want it to.

Oh wait, I forgot that I sold another print to Suite Suzy’s girl “Ramona Jones”.

With this latest unexpected sale, I had to do a quick revamp on that rush order that I put in earlier in the evening.

Coordinating all of this is going to be a trip as I try to make it to Chicago with the family Friday.

It has been a day full of drama but at least most of it came with a nice payday.

Before I wrap, check out the site that I put together in preparation for the show: