About 10 years ago during my flight attendant days, I was in Darmstadt, Germany having the time of my life with some closest friends; Lady Albert & Black Vette. The whole summer of 98 we flew all over Europe together but we spent the most of our time fucking around Germany eating nasty ass food. The food was so nasty that Black Vette & I ate mostly snacks to survive.

One night hunger filled night, Black Vette & I decided to head to the local Toom market to stock up on Pringles, cookies, bananas & Fanta pop. During this trip, I walked down the frozen foods isle & spotted a strawberry/chocolate Vienetta. I had never seen’t this flavor & had to have it; so I picked it up.

When we got back to the hotel, I put the Vienetta in the small, no, very small freezer. Later that night, Black Vette, Lady Albert & I hit the streets to party for the night.

Side note: Lady Albert, Black Vette & I referred to ourselves as the biggest, blackest & baddest flight attendants to hit the friendly skies.

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We got back to the hotel around 8am, which was just in time to enjoy a champagne brunch at the hotel. As you can guess, we hit the sack hard after a night of partying & drankin’ cheap champagne at a German brunch.

Later on in the day we woke up, regrouped & of course were hungry. We pooled our foods & I offered up the strawberry chocolate Vienetta.

So I go to the little fridge to grab the ice cream snack. When I pulled it out, the bad was limp as hell because the shit melted. Well it was not totally melted because it was still cold but it was so not in the state that it should have been in.

When I presented it to my friends, they laughed & Black Vette was like fuck it, let’s drink that shit. Before I knew it Lady Albert had the cups out & I was pouring us each a glass of Viennetta. The shit was so very ghetto but we set it off.

Later on that week, when I got back home & told Suite Suzy about our ghetto meal & we had a great laugh about it.

Tonight out of nowhere, I thought about eating a Vientta, and then I thought about the Vienetta drink I enjoyed with friends many years ago.

Suite Suzy was upstairs in the kitchen & I shouted up to her to find out if you could still get Vienetta at the store. She was like what, a Vienetta they don’t make them anymore more boo. Since she was on her laptop at the time, I had her look it up & it seems that Breyer’s stopped making them sometime ago.

The funny thing we found was that many people (per Google) are looking for a Vienetta to date & I even found a few cheesy Viennetta commercials like below on Youtube (they have everything).

After surfing about it a bit, Suite Suzy actually emailed Breyer’s & asked where she could pick up a Vienetta. It will be interesting to see how they respond.

After all of the laughs & the remembering were over, I fixed myself a bowl of Edy’s cookies & cream ice cream, headed back down to my office & called Black Vette to have a laugh.

I was hoping that she would answer but she did not. I guess she’s somewhere in Europe or the Middle East on a layover.