MindspillIt was 3am when the text message from Barack Obama’s campaign went out to his supporters to announce his VP pick (Senator Joseph Biden). Unlike my wife, I did not get my text message & that upset me a bit. Typically I’m against text messaging but I did wanted this message to feel like I was part of the Obama movement.

Maybe I did not get the message because I did not sign up until Friday late afternoon & they had it ready to go but it really does not matter any more.

Here’s to not getting that important call at 3 in the damn morning.

On a related note, I was tuned into CNN XM today while they were broadcasting Barack’s announcement of his VP choice. During the speech, I was all in & a little hyped @ what he had to say about running mate.

Just as his announcement reached fever pitch, Barack fucked up by saying “So let me introduce you to the next President,”… (then quickly correcting himself with) “Vice President of the United States of America…”

When I heard that, my ass puckered because I knew the Republicans & their minions would be all over that.

I am looking forward to watching the Sunday political shows to see what they have to say.

On another related note, I am not all that thrilled with Biden as a running mate & it’s not because he has a large bald spot with a wind swept comb over.